Guilt-free ways to handle kids + technology.

Parents, teachers and pediatricians find themselves in a constant debate over "good" and "bad" technology. Child Development and Technology expert Jean Rogers, M.S.Ed., offers:


  • Kids Media Diet workshops for parents and kids

  • Engaging keynote speeches

  • Trainings for teachers

  • Consulting for pediatricians, schools and teachers


Learn how to:

  • Use media to connect with kids

  • Teach important life lessons through media management

  • Ensure kids' online safety

Parenting and technology expert

Today's parents face more challenges than ever. You know media is a huge influence in shaping your children's lives. Yet, you have so much to do and you can't spend all day checking their social media and looking at their phones.


Kids Media Diet Workshops make it easy! Have a workshop at your school, PTA, Mom's group, church or community organization.

Classrooms should be doorways to discovery. Jean's workshops, keynotes and educational consulting help schools and teachers manage technology keeping in mind a child's social-emotional and overall development.

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Kids are smart! We teach them to read books and words from a young age, but we don't encourage media literacy. In this book, Jean empowers parents and children to make conscious media choices and take charge of their technology lives.