Childhood in the digital age


Interaction with parents, siblings and other important people is the most important factor in healthy child development. Playing with open-ended toys, exposure to books and nature are all healthy building blocks for brain development, social skills and academic success. While technology has great benefits for children and families, teachers and parents know that balance is critical. When children are plugged in from an early age, they learn about relationships, money, nutrition, and cultural norms from corporate marketers, not parents and families.

We support teachers and parents.
Jean Rogers is a speaker, author, parent educator, and school media consultant. She works with teachers, parents and children helping to find the right balance of technology and real life experiences that support healthy child development and grown strong, creative, responsible citizens.

Family Engagement.

We believe that family involvement in a child's education is key to success. Parents are respected and supported for their role and teachers learn healthy communication strategies. All of our programs support national and state family engagement standards.


We believe that families, children and educators deserve support from local government for their important work. We often work with legislators and advocate organizations to ensure policy topics and language support key developmental needs for our precious children, families and teachers.

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I am available to speak at  schools, community organizatons and conferences. We can structure an interactive workshop, lecture or keynote to support your needs. Give me a call and we'll chat about it.

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If you have a story about how technology has improved or impeded your relationship with children, their play, education or social-emotional well-being, I would love to share it with our visitors. Please email me at


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