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Below is a sample of my most popular and timely workshops for parent groups. Each one is interactive and engaging and allows room for customization for your organzation's current needs. Review the options below and then give me a call to discuss how I might support the parents, caregivers and families you serve. I am also available for individual family coaching on these topics.

How parents unknowingly support gender stereotypes


Heavily gender-based advertising to children—on television, in apps, in toy and grocery stores, to name a few areas, is on the rise. Gender roles in the media and gender bias in social settings can have a direct impact on children’s social-emotional competency. In this workshop, we investigate inadvertent ways we focus on stereotypes and simple techniques for avoiding it. We also examine how different ethnicities manifest gender roles both in this country and abroad.


Make your job easier! Empower your children


Teaching responsibility and social courtesies is not popular in the 21st century. But, families that do it in a respectful, fun way find they are supporting healthy, long-term relationships with their children. This workshop reviews daily behavioral struggles and parenting tasks that seem endlessly frustrating. Simple, fun age-appropriate techniques will yield creative, responsible young people as they get older.

Who Is Really Raising the Children? -- Family Media Management (Lecture or Series)


Most families enjoy their media and technology. But, they know achieving a healthy balance is tricky. Some are experiencing problems with their children’s academics, social and emotional development, sleep and physical health due to the amount and type of technology in family life. This workshop series helps families find creative ways to maintain a healthy media diet. Special attention is given to individual family schedules, values and needs.

  • Overview of Childhood Technology Concepts

  • How to introduce and maintain appropriate media for each age group

  • Design a family media plan

The Marketing Monster -- Combatting Childhood Consumerism


It used to be that a person was not considered a consumer until they were old enough to earn a paycheck. Now very young children are psychological targets of corporate advertisers who hope to build brand loyalty for life. Based on the work of Susan Linn and Diane Levin, this workshop helps parents develop techniques for avoiding and counteracting consumerism that is robbing childhood. Includes discussions of gender marketing, junk food advertising, and marketing to schools.

Your Child’s Education Needs You!


Be your child’s best advocate. Learn how to communicate well with teachers and administrators about your child’s specific needs and see results. See how your involvement in your child’s education can strengthen family bonds, increase your own self-confidence and lead to better grades and long-term success for your children.

What Does Faith Have To Do With It? Childhood Faith Development for Parents and Caregivers


Based on the work of Richard Fowler, this workshop takes parents through the stages of childhood faith development. It provides tools for supporting children’s healthy faith development in a primarily secular world.


A similar workshop is offered for teachers. Teacher and Parent Faith Development workshops can be combined and offered as one, if appropriate.



Is there a topic of burning interest or need for you or the families in your care? Please give me a call or shoot me an email to discuss how I might customize a workshop for your current parent education needs.






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